Offering full coverage throughout the South West of England. South West Leak Detection Services have detected hundreds of water leaks for Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers. We understand how devastating a leak can be to your property, business premises or industrial facility.


Providing local coverage in the South West we have detected and fixed hundreds of water leaks for home owners saving our customers a lot of hassle time & money.


We realise the devastating impact a water leak can have on your business and causing a potential shutdown of trade, expensive costly repairs and damaged stock..


Our industrial leak detection services have saved industrial customers thousands of pounds through deploying early water leak detection counter measures.

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We offer a full free phone consultation before we attend your property so that you know exactly what to expect. We will advise on the next best step to take.


We use specialist equipment which enables us to adopt a non destructive approach in leak detection whether the leak is internal or external, underground, within walls or relating to pipework. We can pin point the exact location of your water leak with minimal disruption to your property or business in no time at all. We will provide a full detailed report for insurance claims.

Approved & Certified

We are a registered and certified company who specialise in water leak detection.

Coronavirus Policy

We are following strict Government guidelines to ensure the safety of our customers during Coronavirus.

High Success Rate

We have a 99% water leak detection rate, our engineers have located and fixed hundreds of water leaks.

Specialist Equipment

We deploy a combination of sophisticated technology to detect the source of a water leak at your property.


Commercial Leak Detection

Our Commercial Leak Detection team specialise in finding the source of leaks in commercial properties throughout Devon, saving businesses a costly expense by finding their leaks. Water leaks will cause very high water bills in commercial properties and we are known for causing a big reduction in water consumption, sometimes by half.

We Offer Many Benefits To Business Owners


Residential Leak Detection

With full coverage throughout the South West of Devon. South West Leak Detection Services have located hundreds of homeowners water leaks. We understand how devastating a leak can be to your property, causing water damage and expensive repairs to your home. 

We Offer Many Benefits To Home Owners

Industrial Leak Detection

Our Industrial South West Leak Detection team specialise in finding leaks in Industrial properties throughout Devon, at times saving industrial businesses thousands of pounds through finding their leaks. Water leaks can cause extremely high water bills in industrial properties and we are known to reduce water consumption by half on industrial properties.

We Offer Many Benefits To Industrial Clients


South West Leak Detection Services is a leading leak detection specialist in the area of trace & access. Here are some of the reasons you should choose us to solve the problem. We use the latest water leak detection technology. Infra red heat camera technology to locate the leak with minimal disruption caused to the surrounding environment. We use tracer gas which is safe and proven to identify the area where the water is escaping. Acoustic Testing to detect leaks within the pipe system of your home or business. Our technician will locate the source of the leak and fix it with minimal disruption or causing damage to your property or business.

Acoustic Sound Equipment

We use tracer gas equipment when the leaks are difficult to locate; for example in long sections of pipe. Specialist safe gas is pressurised through the pipes and it is detected above the ground when it escapes through the leak area.


Acoustic Leak Detection equipment can source leaks through most surface areas using body-sound (noise). Leaks are accurately located through pipe mapping, pre-location and ground sound profiling. Typical applications are within hot water feeds and heating.

Thermal Leak Detection Paignton

We use thermal imaging water leak detectors by plotting any temperature changes in the hot pipe work of your property against the cooler surroundings. The key to using infra red technology is that it enables us to assess large surface areas in quick time.


The job was estimated over the phone and the final bill was was accurate to the estimate I received before Chris carried out the work at my business location. The invoice was immediately emailed upon completion of the job. Would recommend giving them a call.


Martin Smith

Owner, Menclips Barbers

I was totally overwhelmed and didn’t know where to turn when I discovered water pouring up through my driveway, I found South West Leak Detection online and glad that I did, the engineer located and fixed the leak on the same day I called them.


Shelly Barns

Home Owner, Bristol

If you need a water leak fixed  with no dramas give Chris a call, not only did he find the leak within 20 mins of arriving and it was repaired in less than 2 hours. Great job, very professional, I would 100% use South West Leak Detection again. Cheers Chris!


Jacob Luke

CEO, Scaffold Kings
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