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Water Leak Detection Torquay

If you suspect a leak in your home, call our expert Engineers for a fast response. Using the latest in technology we can identify the location of your leak with pinpoint accuracy. Whether it’s under the floor, behind a wall, or even under concrete, our team of professional and experienced Gas Safe, and WRAS approved leak specialists will find it fast. What’s more, in many cases your insurance will cover the cost. For water leak detection in Torquay and the surrounding areas of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset, call now for expert advice and to book a call-out.

Signs You Have A Water Leak

Do you Have any of these?

How Do We Find Water Leaks?

We use the very latest state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose hard to find leaks including:

How Do You Tell If You Have a Leak?

Luckily, leaks, no matter how big or small, usually leave evidence of their presence. As a result, you can spot the problem before it gets worse!

Obvious leaks include burst pipes, and these are normally located quickly due to large volumes of water leaking out and flooding your home. Small, hidden leaks on the other hand can be present for a long time before they are noticed, and it is only when you see the tell-tale signs such as musty rooms and staining that you may even realise that you have a problem.

Hidden leaks are often found in central heating systems, hot and cold pipes, waste pipes, in underfloor heating systems, at the water meter or the mains water supply. Unfortunately, most leaky pipes are hidden away behind walls and underground, but don’t worry as we use non-intrusive detection technology to diagnose the location of the leaky pipe.

Tracer Gas

We use tracer gas technology for hard to find leaks in places such as long sections of pipe. Special gas made from nitrogen and hydrogen is pressurised through the pipes. When the gas hits the fault, it will escape through the broken pipe. Using specialist gas detectors, we can locate the water leak with pinpoint accuracy.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic leak detection equipment can source leaks by identifying different sounds to normal running water which can be a symptom of a leaky pipe. Leaks are accurately located through pipe mapping, pre-location and ground sound profiling. This method is often used on hot water pipes and cold feeds.

Thermal Imaging Cameras

We use thermal imaging cameras to plot any temperature changes in the pipework of your property against the cooler surroundings. The key to using infra-red technology is that it enables us to assess large surface areas in quick-time.

No Damage To Your Property!

Our non-intrusive detection methods can locate a leak without having to pull apart your house. Whether it’s behind tiles, under a concrete floor, behind a wall or anywhere else, we will find it. With a 99% success rate, you can trust us to diagnose the location of the fault quickly.

Trace & Access

Many home insurers offer Trace & Access as part of their cover, so if you suspect a leaky pipe then check with your insurer as it is likely you will be covered. We can attend to perform a survey and diagnose the fault, and if you are covered, your insurer will reimburse you for the cost of our services.


If you suspect a water leak but are unsure on what to do, the first thing you need to do is switch off all appliances that use water such as dishwashers and washing machines and then ensure all the taps in your home (including any external taps) are switched off. Following this, you need to take a reading from your water meter.

Wait 30 minutes then take another reading. If the water meter reading has increased, it indicates a leak.

To determine if the leak is inside or outside the home, firstly you need to switch off the internal stopcock. You can check it is correctly turned off by running a tap. If no water comes out then the mains supply has been correctly switched off.

Next, you must take a new reading from your water meter, then take another reading 30 minutes later. If the reading has increased then it could indicate a leak between your internal stopcock and the meter. If the meter reading has not increased, then it could indicate a hidden leak within the plumbing system of your property.

Call us for expert advice and to book an appointment for leak detection services.

We use specialist diagnostic equipment to find a leak in your home. Our equipment includes tracer gas, thermal imaging cameras, acoustic sound equipment, dye testing, and endoscope cameras.

Got a Leak? Call Now For A Fast Response

Call now for a fast response for water leak detection in Torquay and the surrounding areas of Devon. Our expert Engineers have years of experience, are Gas Safe and WRAS approved and will do everything possible to find your leak.

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